It is a privilege to work with you Ed. I will definitely recommend you.


You are honest, patient, and persistent!

--C. H.

I am delighted to have you working on the . . . website and appreciate all the time and care that you continue to put into it.

. . . thanks again Ed for everything.

--J. T.

This is quite a web site! Really nice.

. . .I look forward to our next encounter.

--D. R.

. . . I always appreciate your work and the integrity and quality of all that you do. You are someone who honestly approaches a project with the attitude you would most probably have if the project were your own.

Thanks Ed Abbott for all you do!


Ed: Man, you just made my week! My year! Maybe my decade!

. . . Am I glad you worked on my website! Just tell me what I have to do. My Paypal account is waiting to send you some money!

. . . Ed: Thanks. You really came through for me--in a big way!



This is a perfect 10 Ed.

Thank you for going the extra mile on this, and everything you do. It truly shows in the finished product.

--J. T.

. . . site looks great! Thank you soooooooo much for converting it from any ties to a particular host . . .

I so appreciate your help Ed. I will get a payment right off to you . . .


Everything looks great!

I really appreciate your patience and honesty . . .

--A. Z.

The colors are . . . perfect!

--P. H.

WOW! Ed, It's looking great.

--E. G.