At the bottom of this page is a partial list of web sites that I've worked on in the past.

The work I've done includes the following:

  • Creating logos

  • Editing existing logos

  • Type-setting ebooks

  • Analyzing and fixing web pages with slow download time

  • Installing shopping carts

  • Installing banner exchange scripts

  • Image processing to improve poorly exposed photos

  • Creating fill-out forms for gathering customer information

  • Fixing broken ASP forms and Perl forms

  • Installing flash movies and banner ads created by flash movie and banner-ad sub-contractors

  • Search engine reports that analyze and suggest improvements for certain key search terms

  • Backup of entire websites on CD-ROM

  • Complete website redesign and refurbishing

  • Making website navigation clear and simple

  • Freeing a website from dependency on any one web hosting company

  • Migration of website from one web hosting company to another

Here is a partial list of the web sites I've worked on in the past:

Have questions or need a quote? Email me at ed@WebSiteRepairGuy.com or call me at 207-782-1959.